Sunday, July 20, 2014


The theme for our family Christmas gift exchange this year was Groupon. Cara got a food tour from Paula. Yesterday we went to the lovely island (peninsula, really) of Coronado to taste some of their yummiest delicacies.

Cara waiting to get started.

1st stop was Peohe's for some Crispy Coconut Shrimp.

On to Candela's for cheese and chicken empanadas.

According to Cara, this next stop was the best. We learned all about olive oils and balsamic vinegar at Coronado Taste of Oils. Cara thought it was not going to be good but she loved tasting all of the oils. And there were tons to choose. We picked up some garlic olive oil and a bottle of the violet balsamic. We also got a small scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with amaretto and espresso balsamic. That was very tasty!

Next up was the Fuzziwig's Candy Factory where we enjoyed handmade dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Fuzziwig's was stuffed with every other kind of candy that you can think of!

The last stop was the Bottega Italiana Gelato shop for some caramel gelato. It was super delish. I only wish we could have tried one of the more exotic flavors. 

This was a walking tour so we walked about 2 miles which was nice since we had so much to eat.

I totally recommend it! Thanks Paula!

It is what it is...

Friday, July 18, 2014

And It All Started With A Big Bang

One of our favorite shows is the Big Bang Theory. Its about 4 super smart, socially awkward physicists  and the not so smart but pretty blond waitress that lives next door. They share a love of all things science, math, video games and comic books.

Imagine my surprise when I find myself in the middle of a Big Bang episode as I wait in line right in our neighborhood Vons. Since I didn't catch their names, lets just call these two Leonard and Raj.

Leonard: Raj! Long time, no see! Where have you been, man?
Raj: (in your best tech help Indian accent) Leonard! How are you doing, man? I have been taking a summer course in aerospace technology.
Leonard: You going to game night tonight?
Raj: Yes, I was planning on that. I did not see you at the rocket competition last weekend. Were you there?
Leonard: No, I was at the model train club event. How did you do in the rocket competition?
Raj: Not so well. Our rocket only went 3,000 feet. It was quite disappointing.

At this point, I have to turn around to see these two. You got it...Leonard was tall, thin with nerdy glasses and in need of a haircut. Raj was a short, roundish Indian. Both appeared to be late 20's. What were they buying? Leonard had a package of hot dogs, buns, chicken nuggets and a bottle of some type of craft beer. Raj had greek yogurt, some cucumbers and ice cream. And 3,000 feet seemed to be a good distance to me for a rocket.

Leonard: Too bad. What was the winning distance?
Raj: 25,000 feet.
Leonard: WOW!
Raj: It was quite impressive.

And that was all I heard.

All together now...
-The Earth began to cool, The autotrophs began to drool.
Neanderthals developed tools.
We built a wall, we built the pyramids
Math, science, history, unraveling the mystery and it all started with a Big Bang!

It is what it is...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Testing, Testing

How fun is it to test new product? And get paid!

I finally got chosen to be on a test panel for Jack In The Box! $35 to try a new food. I had to sign a confidentiality agreement so I'm really not supposed to talk about what I tried so let's just say it's not something I ever eat. It was just my luck to try a new sandwich made from a feathery fowl. Its a bird thing. I don't eat them...ever. So I took a bite or two and filled out the survey. I pretended I was Cara because I know she would have LOVED it.

Here comes the best part.

It was explained that they are sort of like the airlines and overbook so a few of us didn't get to  go into the testing room. We still got paid. We were asked if we wanted to come back later. It was only an hour wait so I waited. $70! Score!

Looky, Looky, How appropriate is this Weird Al video?

If I really wanted to stir it up I could send this to a certain person lacking in proper grammar...

It is what it is...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

She's On A Roll

News from the Crazy Train

Although I was not expecting any response from my email yesterday, I got not one but two!!! I'm soooooo excited to hear what she has to say.

Thank you for the information. I didn't ask u to blast my email to everyone. It doesn't matter if I brought it to your attention at the beginning or after the season . Bottom line is, brought my this to your attention so that you may be aware and whatever your position is in the league. I wasn't gonna whine about it during the season and ruin the season for my child . I paid my dues , it wasnt free to play in your league and what difference would it have made if I brought to your attention then . Nothing would've changed ?! You just need to understand the kind of people who approve to volunteer . It doesn't work this way in a organized league .so read your rules of book and tell me if your league is really organized .. I didn't ask for you to blast my concern to the world .. I only told you and asked you for the main league information. I don't appreciate that you shared my email with everyone . That was not necessary !!!

And 3 hours later there is more!

There's no details to my opinion ! I never mentioned  they were stealing money ?! stealing time and just being overly competitive and playing favortism is what I was referring to as being crooked .  There's a lack of volunteers because no one really wants to be part of an unorganized league .
Everyone has the right to their own opinion and that does not make them the enemy .  I voiced my concern about being a valuable part of this league this year. Good criticism is actually an opportunity for your league to grow. Nothing is perfect,  but you can actaully make things work out for a better community  Having the right people and right attitude actually makes a difference.
FYI: It's an email not a book I'm writing or letter to an actual president . You don't get paid enough to criticize or correct someone's writing and spelling  . I didn't ask for your criticism on my  spelling and grammar.
Credentials  on your wall or paper does make you smarter than other people . If you were an actual president of something that mattered  , I would actually take you more seriously .  Don't respond back to my email because it would actually be harassment. I think you criticized me enough for me to understand your judgemental  , instead of understanding a simple concern and opinion from a parent .
Thank you !

I WILL NOT respond because apparently answering an email concern sincerely constitutes harassment. Nope, don't want the internet police on my back. What do you think she would say if she knew she was the star of the this weeks News From the Crazy Train??? Chooo Chooo

It is what it is...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Just when you think its over, the Crazy Train has pulled back into the station with a farm division parent on board.

She registered her kid about a month after the season started. This is fine as many of our younger players are unaware of the registration dates, etc. When the trophies were ordered, the trophy person was given an original roster and his name wasn't on it. No one realized this. Slightly disappointing but it happens. A new one was ordered when we did the All Star trophies. I get a nasty email...Where is my kid's souvenir? meaning trophy He didn't get it yet. I apologized for the mistake and told her I would let her know when it arrived. In the meantime, I get another nasty email wanting a refund. After contacting the manager to get some background, I call her to find out the reasons. All of a sudden, she can't talk and will call back later. No call. Surprising huh?

We make a plan to meet yesterday at Starbucks to deliver the trophy. I introduce myself and go to shake her hand. She ignores me, picks up the trophy and walks off. Well, OK then....

Then I get the following email. And my response. Hop aboard the Crazy Train!

Dolly H

9:54 AM (21 hours ago)
to me
Can u please email me the information to the head league office . I think you shouldn't have crooked people volunteer their invaluable time to coach the kids . Our coach which is your friend were the worst and very crooked people . It's not fair for parents to sign up their kids with crooked people . You have to have experience and passion to be able to coach all the kids not just your favorites . Coaches also make sure to treat every player in the team equally. Maybe in miramesa is different and it's okay to have crooked coaches and coaches that only value who their favorite people are on the team . But it's not like that in better neighborhoods like ladera ranch .. if u want this to work for your baseball team .. have people who have a passion and experience and don't play favoritism ... coaches that whine as well and steal from the team are the worst . Coaches that only shares the success with their own team favs should not be allowed to coach and argue with other team coaches because they have issues outside should not bring their drama to the game .. game were never on time because the coaches did not agree on something or whatever .. seriously .. this has been the worst season .... we had a great coach and team last year in tball .. you should allow more valuable people to volunteer for this .. don't have them volunteer because they want something ... do it because they want to really coach the kids and treat every kid equally .. so yes coaches this year played favoritism and also did not really coach the team only their fav members .. ughhhhh ...... thank u and Pls send me the Information on the main league office .. I understand you don't get paid to do what you do but need to understand to do it woth the heart of passion and with all fairness  not just to make a name for themselves and collect the rewards meant for the team for themselves and not share it with the whole team but only the people they like on the team ... Soooooo wrong ......

Good morning,

MMWLL is governed by the MMWLL Board of Directors. So if you want to email them, your email went to me which is correct. We are a part of but not governed by District 32. Their contact information can be found on their website.

In order to address your complaints properly, I will need specific examples of what you are calling "crooked" behavior. Stealing from the team is a serious allegation and again specific examples are needed. Please included dates, dollar amounts or equipment that you believe have been stolen and the board will follow up.

I am sorry that I am hearing about these issues after the season has been completed. In the future, any problems regarding treatment of the players should be directed to the player agent and any manager issues should be directed to the manager representative at the time their are happening so they can be dealt with immediately. 

In MMWLL we have a serious lack of volunteers in all areas from board members, to managers, to umpires to snack bar and field help. The few people that do volunteer spend an unimaginable amount of time doing many jobs above and beyond the position they volunteered for. I am attaching a volunteer form should you or your husband find some free time to dedicate to the league and join our shrinking ranks of league volunteers. We always welcome new ideas.

In keeping with league protocol, I am forwarding your complaint and this email to the player agent, Scott MacNaughton, manager rep, Scott Moody and District Administer Lisa LaPage. You are copied on that as well.

As a tip for the future, your emails will be taken more seriously if you use standard spelling, grammar and punctuation. 

It is what it is...

Friday, July 11, 2014

Its A Bad Word

The third grade class I was in yesterday was so ridiculous I was laughing inside my head. I have been in this class before and it is full of the most tattling, busybody, argumentative kids I have ever seen. The teacher gets really stressed out when she has to leave them because other subs have complained. She is a personal friend of mine so I do it. You just have to have the right mind set. I don't expect to get too much work done but I keep them in line with points, stickers, games, etc and the grand prize of the day is - wait for it - 1 starburst for the winning table. Yup! That's it. 1 measly little starburst.

But yesterday they were over the top, even for them. They argue about literally everything!
My first words yesterday:

Me: We are going to have a happy, fun, quiet day. You are going to keep your hands, feet, body parts, words and objects to yourself. Unnecessary comments and back talk will be not tolerated. No telling on your classmates unless you have peed your pants, are bleeding from your brain or are dead. We will be doing table points and teacher vs students. Winning table will get a fabulous prize!

It starts already...
Kid: What if there is a tie?
Me: There are no ties?
Kid: Well, what if there is?
Me: There are no ties.
Same kid: What is there really is a tie?
Me: Unnecessary comment. I already answered that question. Point for me and for every other table but yours.
Class: Yay!!!
Me: Unnecessary comments. Another point for me and I'm erasing the points I just gave you.

I said Unnecessary comment so many times before recess that at recess, I recorded it on my phone and just played that for a while. I'd say about 1/2 the class figured out how to be quiet and not comment on everything I or any one else said.

Finally...a kid told on another kid for something so stupid.
Me: Are you telling on someone?
Kid: No, he took my colored pencil.
Me: So that's not telling?
Other kid: I didn't take that pencil.
Kid: Yes, You did!
This went back and forth 2 more times.
Me: Aren't you sharing the colored pencils? Where is the pencil?
Kid: Looks around and finds it on his left side instead of between them.
Me: Could it be possible that he put the pencil down on his other side and didn't put it between you? Why didn't you just ask him if he saw the pencil before you have a tattle tale fit? This one of the more stupid argument I have heard today.

The class erupts!
Stupid is a bad word! No, its not! Yes it is!
Me: Now this is really he stupidest argument I have heard today. Quiet game is on! Quietest table for the next 5 minutes gets 10 table points!

Game on! Instant silence!

It is what it is...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Teach a Man To Fish

What's that old saying? If you give a man a fish he can eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish...
The man can fish! 30+ pounds of fresh yellow tail!

I have to add the beautiful sunset picture

Grilled tuna belly. Yummo!

And then there is Ahi Poke! Yes - its raw fish but so good ----it melts in your mouth (well, if you like raw fish melting in your mouth you would be as happy as I am right now)

I had to take a trip to H Mart for the ingredients. H Mart is a Japanese chain market but its way better than the multitude of other Asian markets in Mira Mesa. I don't know what 99% of the stuff is but that's a whole nother field trip...

It is what it is...