Saturday, April 12, 2014


It has been well documented here at It Is What It Is that MMWLL has serious issues with hobo's. illegal dumping, shopping carts, etc so here's what happened yesterday. 

My MIL, Phyllis arrives from NJ with ...PORK ROLL!!!! WooHooo!!!Yummo! So off I go to Von's (local grocery store) to pick up some pretzel buns. (New item that I thought would be delicious with the pork roll- and they were.)

On my way back, I see this man taking some bags out of a stolen CVS cart at the usual cart dumping spot at the MMWLL field. FYI, the cart dumping spot is DIRECTLY under the NO Dumping sign. 

What do I do? I speed around to the next entrance, and circle back to take his picture as he leaves the cart. 

I got one!!!!

Me: Can you please take that cart back to the store where you got it?
Him: (in an old  man, Asian voice) NO, NO, not my cart!
Me: Can you please take your cart back. I saw you take those bags out of that cart. You can't leave that cart there.
Him: NO, NO, That not my cart!
Me: See me taking your picture? I took your picture taking those bags out of that cart. Please take it back.
Him: NO, NO! No picture! That not my cart! As he walks away across the street to the apartments.

What do I do, you  ask? I follow him so I can find out where he lives and take more pictures.

It took abut 45 minutes for him to walk through the apartment complex. He toddled along, pausing every 10 minutes or so to take a break. 

I said to myself, " Self, is this worth it? I'm stalking an inform old man. I kind of feel bad for him.This is taking so stinking loooooong. I could be enjoying my mojito right now."

But I stuck with it. He probably does this every few days. Walks to the store, gets his stuff and then takes a cart. 

Do I feel pity and compassion for him personally? Yes. Is that a reason he can dump his cart at the field right under the No Dumping sign so our Volunteers have to deal with it? No. He can buy his own cart from Big Lots for $10 and take it back and forth to the store like I see many other people doing.

I sent the pictures to our Community Relations Officer and I'm letting her deal with it. 

It is what it is...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Let's Keep Busy

Today was project Day

Project #1 Clean up the front yard


3 hours later

Project #2  Wine Gummies

Who makes wine gummies, you ask? Me. Why, you ask? It was on Facebook and looked interesting. And I had all the ingredients.

 Wine and Candy 2 great tastes that taste great together...oh wait that's Reese's Peanut Butter cups..

Gather the ingredients: Wine (duh) I had the this Old Moon Zinfandel, gelatin, Stevia (a sweetner) and maple syrup (Whaaaaat??? maple syrup and wine?)

Disclaimer: the original recipe called for some fancy pants, organic gelatin and some high grade maple syrup. Since I had the regular old Knox gelatin, that's what I used. And I get the good, old Log Cabin syrup, not some $35 bottle of pure Vermont, organic maple syrup. I think it was used as a sweetener as opposed to regular white sugar so I just whipped up a batch of basic simple syrup. Not diggin' maple syrup flavored wine..

Heat the wine to 90 degrees. Wine boils at 159 and I don't want any of that alcoholic goodness boiling off so keep the temp just low enough to dissolve the gelatin.

Add the sweeteners. As much as you like. I only added about 1/4 cup.

Since I have no fancy heart shaped, rubbery mold and I wasn't sure if the gummies would stick, I went with parchment paper on my Pampered Chef bar pan. Hey, if its good enough for caramels, its good enough for gummies. Maybe next time, I'll look for some worm molds...winey worms?

Let sit for about 3 hours. After it firmed up, I put it in the refrigerator to speed things up.
It had a kind of foam from stirring. As per instructions, I used a whisk. (Pampered Chef, of course)

Cut into square/rectangle like shapes. I used my handy dandy Pampered Chef Pizza cutter. (no, I'm not selling Pampered Chef now. I just have a ton of their products)

Final results: Tasty, not fancy...I'm kind of into these grown up gummies! What's next? Margarita?

It is what it is...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Where's Colin... East Coast Edition

Thankfully the teacher is taking pictures. As far as I know, Colin has take about 6 and texted them to me. And if I can find him in a group shot, he's in the way back, looking away.

Movie Trailer time. 

There will be a full movie "Coming Soon"

It is what it is...

Sunday, March 30, 2014


My day has been stress and drama free. It is no Little League Sunday and this is pretty much the first I have been online all day.

My 2 longstanding Sunday goals have been accomplished.
1. Read the newspaper
2. Go to yoga

Done and done.

I also have been working on a movie of Colin's East Coast trip using the pictures his teacher has posted to her blog and Facebook.

If you want to read Miss Chambless blog about the trip, here you go:

I have had 2 text exchanges with Colin and no calls. I. AM. NOT. CALLING. HIM. He seems to be having fun. Wet, but fun... so he says...

He seems to be avoiding all candid shots and hangs on the fringe of the group shots.

It is what it is...

Friday, March 28, 2014

Godspeed and Safe Travels

Off they go!

Colin. Jack, Brendan and Oren are all in the same room. These kids have been together since Kinder in one way or another. This year they have some classes together but mostly its the carpool.

Oren, Colin, Jack, Brendan

This is the itinerary. They will be super busy!

I realize that as a family we travel more than most. However, we Pochers were raised to be very self sufficient travelers at an early age. My dad, Captain Grandpa, is a retired United pilot and we often were told to pack at a moments notice. It probably didn't really happen like this but this is how I remember it.

Bobbi (my mom): Kids, you father has a 3 day layover in (fill in the place). Get packed, we're going with him.

Kids then go packed. I don't ever remember her packing for us.

Sooo -  since that always worked well for us, it has been my go to method as well since the kids were about 6. I would give them their suitcase or duffle bag and they would pack. Or I would tell them to put all the stuff they wanted to bring on my bed and I would pack a big suitcase for the 2 of them. Basic information was given out such as how long the trip was going to be and the general climate. That's it. Pack it up.

My point, you ask? I gave Colin the list for the trip, a suitcase and told him to pack. They are going to a Broadway show and to see Blue Man Group so he needed some nice pants and shirts. I did put my foot down on no saggy-ass jeans to a Broadway show. I bought him 2 pants and 3 shirts to choose from. There is still 1 pair of pants and 1 shirt on the floor in his room so I am assuming the others are in the suitcase. Other that that, he has what he has.

At the airport last night, Colin has the smallest suitcase in his group. Its not tiny but the larger size that can be checked or carried on. Definitely enough room for the trip.

Oren's mom: I hope I packed everything Oren needs.
Brendan's mom: Me too, I sent extra bags for dirty laundry for Brendan to share with the group.
Jack's mom: did you pack dress clothes and  blah, blah, blah...?

This goes on for about 5 minutes discussing what was packed and will it be good enough for the rainy weather they are expecting.

Me: I have no idea what is in Colin's suitcase.
All together now: WHAAAAAAT!!!!
Me: He is almost 15 years old. I gave him the list and told him to pack.
Them: You didn't check it?
Me: No, he has done this before. If he forgot something and he needs it, he can do without or figure out a way to get it. They are going to major cities, not the Congo. Hello, gift shops are everywhere!

As Bobbi would say: I never met a gift shop I didn't like!

It is what it is...

He's Leavin'...On A Jet Plane

This is delayed a day since, I just had to write about how dang creative I am in my  use of the classroom iPads yesterday. I already started this one so here goes.

Tomorrow is the day- well night, that Colin leaves on the East Coast Trip. Am I nervous? NO! Happy that he's going? YES! Will I miss him? Mostly...

To prepare for the trip:

Procedure:  Take Colin and Jack to the Dollar Tree to stock up on essentials for the trip. You know, like deodorant, toothpaste, floss, etc... oh yea, and candy/snacks.

Hypothesis: They will buy mostly candy and snacks and be rummaging around the bathroom for the toiletries.

Results: Total Colin: $19.78 (3 bags worth of stuff)
              Total Jack: $4.64     ( 1 bag, barely full)

Conclusion: Jack is either a) saving his money for the trip. b) is unfamiliar with  the MacNaughton pre-trip procedures or c) very crafty and sitting next to Colin on the plane. AND immediately upon getting home from the Dollar Tree, Colin is rummaging around the bathroom looking for toiletries he can take.

Hypothesis proven.

After the trip to the Dollar Tree, Colin and Jack hole up in Colin's room. I don't hear videos games, the Office or Dexter going so I assume they are organizing and packing.

Me: How's the packing coming?
Colin: I'm not packing.
Me: How's the pre-packing coming?
Colin: I'm not pre-packing.
Me: Then what are  you doing?
Colin: (under his breath as he does the eye roll and slinks off) Throwing shit in a suitcase.

Haha, I almost lost it cracking up!

It is what it is...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Love Technology!

In my 5th grade class today:

Me: (to kid who is misbehaving) Let me borrow your ipad, please.
Him: Why, I'm on the right website...
Me: Just let me see it, OK

I take take the ipad, and turn on the camera.

Him: What are you doing????
Me: Taking video of you not following directions and misbehaving..
Him: What???!!!
Me: Now I'm sending it to your teacher, the principal and your parents. From YOUR Ipad. I'm sure they want to see how your day is going so far.
Him: You can't do that.
Me: Yea, I can...
Him: Stunned look
Me: Well, maybe you should make better choices and follow directions the first time before I hit send...
Him: Ok, I will, please don't send that.
Me: You still have the rest of the day to make better choices.

He had a good rest of the day. I love technology.

It is what it is...